Large Crowds Gather for Memorial Day Weekend, No Distancing or Masks


Photos and videos are circulating of Memorial Day weekend gatherings and celebrations across the US which showed large numbers of people not adhering to physical distancing or wearing masks.

Many Americans have apparently had enough of restrictions and lockdowns and the evidence was plain to see in photographs and videos taken over Memorial Day weekend. Huge numbers of Americans chose to throw caution to the wind by gathering in large groups without practicing physical distancing of at least 6 feet or wearing masks.

Californians pack beaches, no distancing or masks

California loosened its grip on the lockdown for the Memorial Day weekend, opening beaches and parks for activities, but rules were different for different counties and beaches. In some locations, only “active use” was allowed which means people are required to keep moving, either by walking, jogging, swimming or surfing. While at other beaches, such as those in Los Angeles County, beachgoers must wear face masks. However, photographs showed large crowds gathering on California beaches over the weekend, defying distancing rules and no masks in sight, The Guardian reported.

Large crowds packed together in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Photos showed large crowds pouring into Lake Geneva, Wisconsin over the Memorial Day weekend, many of which were tourists from Illinois, CBS58, reported. The photos showed compact bars and beaches were little to no physical distancing was being maintained and most people were not wearing a mask.

No one distancing or wearing mask at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks

Photos taken at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri over Memorial Day weekend showed revelers packed together around bars and pools, which were reported by the NY Daily News. Not only was physical distancing ignored but no evidence of anyone wearing a mask could be seen. Signs were posted reminding people to stand 6 feet apart, advice that went unheeded. The photos were sent into KSDK-TV by an anonymous viewer.

Crowds block streets in Daytona Beach

A crowd of more than 5,000 people gathered in Daytona Beach on Saturday, blocking streets, not practicing social distancing, as shown in photos released from aerial footage from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and published by CNN.

Beaches closed in Miami

The Marine police patrol in Miami stayed busy looking for vessels exceeding capacity and also for people being out on the closed beach. Officers said they had no problems on the water, but three people were arrested for being on the closed beach on Saturday, WPLG Local10 reported.

Texas closes four parks after reaching capacity

Four parks in Travis County, Texas were closed by officials after reaching capacity. Other parts of Texas, including South Padre Island, saw large crowds gather where groups of over 10 people were seen together and not a mask in sight, KRGV reported.