A Dozen States Hit Pause on Reopening Amid Massive COVID-19 Spike


As coronavirus cases in the US continue to break new records day after day, at least a dozen states are hitting the pause button on reopening, as America saw more than 84,000 new COVID-19 cases over the weekend.

Worldwide, as of early Monday, the global number of coronavirus cases was at 10,302,110, with 505,506 total deaths, according to statistics from worldometers.info.

The United States had already accumulated over 10,000 cases in the morning, with a grand total of 2,647,709 COVID-19 cases and 128,499 deaths since the pandemic began. The US remains the number one most-coronavirus-infected nation in the world.

A dozen states pause reopening basis amid coronavirus surge

At least a dozen US states are pausing on moving to the next phase of reopening as coronavirus infections are surging across the nation. Some localities are now seeing their emergency rooms filled to maximum capacity among the increase of COVID-19 cases, CBS reports.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the immediate closure of all bars in several counties, including Los Angeles.

Coronavirus cases in the US continue record-shattering climb

Over the weekend, the US saw more than 84,000 new coronavirus cases, while a number of states, once again, shattered daily records of COVID-19 infections.

Arizona, Texas, and Florida have become the new epicenters that are experiencing a devastating outbreak in new cases. In addition to those three states, Idaho, Utah, Tennessee, and Georgia also reported their highest numbers of new daily infections.

ICU beds in Houston are near full, emergency calls are taking twice as long, and first responders are getting increasingly sick. One area of Houston has set an overnight curfew in an effort to slow the spread.

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence encouraged all Americans to wear masks.

Experts say younger people leading those contracting the infection

Experts say the majority of new cases emerging are being found in those between 18 to 34 years old, as this is the portion of the population that has been less likely to social distance and wear masks. At the same time, this is the group also most likely to continue spreading the infection.

Florida reports over 18,000 new coronavirus cases over the weekend

Florida is seen massive numbers of new coronavirus cases. On Saturday, the state set a new daily record of 9,585 infections on Saturday, followed by 8,530 new infections on Sunday. These numbers marked the third day in a row the state had seen over 8500 cases in a day.

Over the past seven days, the state has seen 43,784 new cases, the NY Post reports. In one week alone, the state has seen over 30 percent of its total number of cases since the pandemic began.

Arizona breaks records on Saturday, and again on Sunday

The state of Arizona set a new record for the total number of new COVID-19 infections on Saturday with 3,591 cases. On Saturday, the state shattered that record again with 3,858 additional cases.

The total number of infections in the state is over 74,000. Despite Arizona Governor Doug Ducey requesting that Arizonans make their best effort to stay at home and wear a face mask in public, pictures emerged of crowds of river rafters over the weekend not practicing physical distancing nor wearing masks.