The Latest on How Coronavirus Is Impacting the US and the World


Here’s a look at the latest top stories on how coronavirus is impacting the the world, including eye shield recommendations from Dr. Fauci; Dr. Birx recommends reducing gathering size; latest US and worldwide COVID-19 statistics.

Dr. Fauci recommends wearing eye shields or goggles

White House coronavirus task member and immunologist and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that, although currently “not universally recommended,” people should add an additional layer of protection against COVID-19 by wearing goggles, eye shields or face shields.

“If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it,” said Fauci during an interview with ABC News earlier this week. “You have mucosa in the nose, mucosa in the mouth, but you also have mucosa in the eye.” “Theoretically, you should protect all the mucosal surfaces,” Fauci continued. “So, if you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it.”

“If you really want to be complete, you should probably use it [eye protection] if you can,” Fauci added.

The doctor was asked if eye protection could become an official recommendation.

“It might,” Fauci said, “if you really want perfect protection of the mucosal surfaces.”

The latest statistics on coronavirus

Florida had nearly 10,000 new cases on Thursday, while Texas had the highest number of deaths at 322.

On Thursday, the United States had the highest number of new infections of any country in the world (68,569), followed by Brazil (58,271), India (54,966), South Africa (11,046), Columbia (9,965), Peru (6,809), Argentina (6,377), Mexico (5,752) and Russia (5,509).

Here are the latest worldwide and US statistics on new coronavirus infections and deaths, according to the latest data from

  • Worldwide cases as of Friday morning, July 31, 2020: 17,565,425
  • Worldwide deaths as of Friday morning, July 31, 2020: 678,356
  • US cases as of Friday morning, July 31, 2020: 4,647,340
  • US deaths as of Friday morning, July 31, 2020: 155,627
  • US new cases on Thursday, July 30 2020: 68,569
  • US new deaths on Thursday, July 30 2020: 1,465
  • Highest states for new cases on Thursday, July 30 2020: Florida: 9,956; Texas 8,843; California 8,174; Georgia 3,671; North Carolina 2,588; Arizona 2,525; Tennessee 2,049.
  • Highest states for new deaths on Thursday, July 30 2020: Texas 322; Florida 252; Arizona 172; California 114; South Carolina 52.

Experts blame Americans who won’t stop congregating for COVID-19 rise, Dr. Birx urges reducing gatherings to less than 10 people

As coronavirus continues to rise across the US, many experts point to the fact that a huge part of the problem is that some Americans won’t stop participating in large gatherings. Worse, they are not physical distancing or wearing masks, as guidelines and warnings urge.

On Sunday, police spent over five hours breaking up party in a rented Airbnb house for the occasion in Jackson, New Jersey that had 700 guests.

While the number of individuals permitted for both indoor and outdoor gatherings varies from state to state, White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx urged states seeing a concerning increase in cases to downsize their gatherings to less than 10 people.

Birx said that one of the biggest problems with gatherings is that many of the young people who are spreading the virus are asymptomatic, Eyewitness News 3 reported.

Complaint filed in international court accusing Brazil’s Bolsonaro of crime against humanity over coronavirus ‘neglect’

Unions and social organizations representing more than 1 million Brazilian medical professionals filed a complaint to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, accusing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaroof committing a crime against humanity by reacting to the outbreak with “contempt, neglect and denial,” NPR reported.

Brazil has over 91,000 deaths and over 2.6 million total cases as of Friday morning, the second-highest in the world behind the United States.