Cops Tell Residents to Comply With Robbers As Homicides Spike in US Cities


In 36 of 50 of the largest cities in the United States, homicides increased by double digits, while a huge uptick in gun violence is occurring as well, as cops tell residents to comply with robbers and “do as they say” to stay safe.

Police tell residents “do as they say,” comply with robbers for their own safety

Carjackings and robbery is spiking in Minneapolis, Minnesota since George Floyd’s death in May. Amid protests and rioting that followed, crime is so rampant in the embattled 3rd precinct, that police are now advising residents living in the area to simply comply with the demands of robbers and give up their personal belongings for the sake of their own safety.

According to a July 28 email provided to Alpha News MN that was also forwarded two and published by The Daily Wire, the Minneapolis Police Department issued a list of “prevention tips” to residents advising them how to avoid being a victim of crime.

The email warned residents: “Cell phones, purses, and vehicles are being targeted. Some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun. Most of these crimes have occurred north of 42nd St. E. 100 Robberies and 20 Carjackings have been reported to 3rd Precinct Police in July alone. Downtown and Southwest Minneapolis have seen an increase as well. We want those who live and work here to be safe!”

Among the robbery prevention tips were: Don’t walk alone; be hyper aware of your surroundings at all times; carry only the items you need and carry less cash; be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet; have your keys already in your hand as you approach your car; do not argue or fight with the criminal, do as they say; be a good witness, be prepared to answer many questions.

Homicide increases by double digits in 36 of 50 largest US cities

In 36 of the 50 largest cities in the US, homicide rates have increased by double digits, according to the Wall Street Journal.

July 2020 was one of the bloodiest months and Chicago’s history. Homicides climbed by 139 percent with 106 homicides in July. There have been 430 total homicides so far this year as of Friday night, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

In New York City, there were 105 murders in New York City in July, a 139% increase from 2019, the New York Post reported.

Huge spike in gun violence in large US cities

Major cities are experiencing a huge spike in gun violence, according to a variety of reports, The Daily Wire reported. From January to July, there have been more shootings in New York City than all of 2019, the New York Post reported, with a total of 777 so far.

Gun violence is up 72 percent in Minneapolis, CBS reports.

In Chicago, shootings over the year are up 47% police said, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. In June, 573 people were shot in Chicago. July’s number was slightly lower at 406 shooting incidents, but still represented a 75% increase from 2019.