Black Sportswriter Says New George Floyd Footage Reveals a Race Hoax


Jason Whitlock, a former ESPN sportswriter, wrote an opinion piece for OutKick in which he says recently released footage showing the details of George Floyd arrest shows death was used as race hoax to divide us.

Whitlock: Video exposes George Floyd death as race hoax used to divide us

Sportswriter Jason Whitlock, an African-American, who formally worked for ESPN, wrote a concise, articulate and mind-expanding piece that forces all of us to look at the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer in a new way that requires us to apply logical and rational thinking.

According to Whitlock, we’ve all been race-baited into believing a narrative that simply does not add up when you take into account all of the details the public wasn’t made aware of from the beginning of the incident. Whitlock gives us all something to think about in an opinion piece titled: “Leaked video exposes George Floyd death as tragedy and race hoax used to divide us,” published by OutKick.

Whitlock begins by explaining that the new footage comes from the body cam’s of two of the four former Minneapolis police officers charged with crimes and George Floyd’s death.

The writer then points out that “the videos show police verbally and physically struggling to get Floyd to comply. Floyd appears panicked, disoriented, desperate and totally non-compliant. He complains that he can’t breathe while standing on two feet.”

Whitlock points out that two bystanders tell Floyd to “quit resisting” and another tells him he “can’t win.” Floyd refuses to show his hands when he is behind the wheel of the car. Whitlock says, “The behavior of the police officers seems appropriate and restrained given Floyd’s level of resistance and bizarre conduct.”

He admits that this “does not justify officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. But it does offer context why Chauvin would be reluctant to believe Floyd’s ‘I can’t breathe’ cries. Nearly every word out of Floyd’s mouth was a desperate lie.”

Whitlock offers four points he takes away from the footage:

“Floyd’s behavior escalated a routine arrest into a possible abuse of force.”

“The George Floyd case is not a race crime. No rational person can watch that footage and conclude the police were motivated by Floyd’s black race.”

“It’s going to be virtually impossible to convict former officers Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao of any crime.”

“It will be equally difficult to convict Chauvin of murder.”

Whitlock’s take on academia, pro sports, Hollywood and the music industry

In reviewing events that happened in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, Whitlock takes professional sports, Hollywood and the music industry to task for adopting a narrative of racism.

Whitlock argues that live sporting events have shaped the popular culture and takes the leaders of the NBA, NFL and Major league baseball to task for choosing to “drape themselves in Black lives matters symbols and view all negative encounters between black people and white people as examples of white supremacy.”

He added, “Their fear-driven leadership has turned America’s great unifier — sports — into a racial divider.”

No replacement better than sports for unity

Further advocating for the unification that sports can bring to America, Whitlock says, “We don’t have a suitable replacement.”

Don’t look to academia, Hollywood or the music industry

“Academia?” Whitlock asks. “Go look at the results produced by the white liberals in control of our academic institutions. You want to see white supremacy? Visit Yale, Harvard or any of their Ivy League brothers.”

“Hollywood?” Whitlock asks. “Please. Every narrative arc for black characters is now fixated on police interaction and/or racism.”

“The music industry?” Whitlock asks. “If you’re not covered in tattoos and willing to portray yourself as a ho, pimp, drug dealer and gangbanger, the music industry is highly reluctant to support you.”

Life far more complicated than race baiting on social media

“Life is far more complicated than the race-baiting that gets retweeted and liked over Twitter,” Whitlock continues. What happened to George Floyd is more complicated than the substance-less assertion that Derek Chauvin acted out of racial animus. Chauvin abused his power. His defense lawyers will argue he was baited into abusing his power by Floyd.”

Why did the prosecutor withhold the new footage for so long?

UK-based media outlet Daily Mail released the new body cam footage on May 27. One also has to question why and how a British media company obtained and released this footage ahead of American companies?

Indeed, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who will take the lead in prosecuting the case against the four officers charged in the death of George Floyd, was presumably aware of the body cam video from the start.

The question is, why did the prosecutor keep this information from the public since Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020? Whitlock believes the public would have had a different reaction if they could have seen the events leading up to Floyd’s arrest.