Gallup Study: 84% of Americans Blame Media for Political Divide


What’s to blame for the contentious political divide among Americans, the likes of which we have never seen? According to a new Gallup and Knight Foundation study, over 8 in 10 Americans say the media is to blame.

Most Americans blame the media for political division in the US

Should we shoot the messenger? Borrowing from the phrase “something’s rotten in Denmark,” the American public believes something is rotten in America – the mainstream media.

Most Americans now believe long-gone are the days when journalists practiced fair, balanced and objective reporting, which most people use to believe was a standard ethic in the industry. But Americans no longer look to the media as a trusted profession in the same way they might look at medical and other professionals who take oaths, a new study shows.

Telling you what they think you want to hear

In the daily battle for clicks and eyeballs, media companies now pander to what they believe is the demographic of their audience for a particular news outlet. This is readily apparent by reading or watching the same story from a conservative news report and a liberal news report – each will have a completely different spin of events, slanting (possibly even exaggerating or fabricating) the details toward the expectations of the audience.

Media is to blame for US political divide

The latest Gallup poll and study by the Knight Foundation found that 84 percent, more than 8-in-10 Americans, believe that the media is to blame for the political divide in the United States. The results of the poll demonstrate a growing distrust of the media by Americans.

Americans believe some form great or small of bias exists at all major news outlets, including 37 percent who believe a “fair amount” of bias is present in most news agencies, according to the Gallup poll.

Nearly half of Americans, 49 percent, believe that there is a “great deal of bias” in what is reported by major news outlets.

The majority of Americans, 56 percent, believe that their favorite or most-used new source has some form of “bias,” Fox News reports.

33 percent of Americans believe media “enemy of the people”

A Hill-Harris X poll taken in June found that one-third of Americans believed that the media was the “enemy of the people.” Among the sexes of that 33 percent who felt that way, 35 percent of those were women and 35 percent were men.

Among political lines of those who see the media as the enemy, 51 percent were Republican and 35 percent were independents, as compared to only 14 percent of Democrats.

Conservatives believe tech companies trying to silence them

There have been many complaints against tech companies and social media for trying to silence the viewpoints of conservatives. Conservatives believe that because of the largely liberal bias of tech companies, that their attempts to express their viewpoints are continually being filtered, blocked or otherwise removed. This is more than speculation, it is a fact.

Facebook, Twitter and Google have recently blocked many high profile conservatives, including President Trump. Google took the extraordinary step of defunding conservative news site the Federalist and popular financial blog ZeroHedge, as well as 8 other conservative websites back in June, The Daily Mail reported.

Conservatives say that once they are defunded of advertising from Google, it essentially puts them out of business, as Google is the largest source of ad revenue for most websites on the Internet.

There is a sticky web of ownership that intertwines through news, technology and media companies.

Amazon owns the Washington Post.

Google owns YouTube.

Microsoft owns MSN, LinkedIn, and Skype.

ABC owns Disney, National Geographic, FX and Touchstone television.

Comcast, XFINITY, Verizon, NBC, Telemundo, MSNBC, CNBC, and Universal Studios are all connected.