Cops Shoot Black Man in Back Triggering Destructive BLM Riots in Kenosha


A black man is in serious condition after being shot multiple times in the back by at least one officer on Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, prompting violent and destructive riots, the torching of businesses and vehicles.

Man shot in back during domestic incident call

Police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin, were called to the 2800 block of 40th Street in response to a domestic incident, which appeared to be the same street for an arrest warrant had been issued, according to a release issued on Monday by the Wisconsin Attorney General. Officers arrived on the scene at roughly 5:11 PM local time.

During the incident, Jacob Lake, 29, failed to comply with officers demands. According to reports, the officers all drew their weapons and pointed them at Blake at the same time, Daily Wire reports.

NBC reported that a witness said a female officer tasered Blake and also heard officers yelling “drop the knife.” The witness said: “I didn’t see any weapons in his hands, he wasn’t being violent.”

According to a video taken by the witness, it shows Blake walking in front of a vehicle trying to get into the driver’s seat, and is not clear whether he is carrying a weapon. At this point, multiple shots are fired, NBC reported..

An attorney for Blake’s family issued a statement that read:

“Blake was helping to deescalate a domestic incident when police drew their weapons and tasered him. As he was walking away to check on his children, police fired their weapons several times into his back at point blank range. Blake’s three sons were only a few feet away and witnessed police shoot their father.”

Shooting victim had arrest warrant for domestic abuse

Law enforcement had determined before the incident that a warrant was out for Jacob Blake’s arrest at the same address, which had been issued on July 7 for misdemeanor criminal trespassing to a dwelling with domestic abuse as a modifier; felony third-degree sexual assault with domestic abuse as a modifier; and misdemeanor disorderly conduct with domestic abuse as a modifier, according to online records for Wisconsin Circuit Court, fact-finding website reported.

Governor condemns cops, says details unclear

On Sunday night, Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers condemned the action by law enforcement, while stating that not all the details of the case were known at this time.

“We stand against excessive use of force and immediate escalation when engaging with Black Wisconsinites,” Evers said, “hoping earnestly that he [Blake] will not succumb to his injuries.”

Destructive riots erupt after shooting

Following the distribution of the video of the shooting on social media, anger spread across the city which sparked Black-Lives-Matter-led protests across the city which later escalated into riots and destruction, NBC reports.

Widespread looting, vandalizing and destruction broke out in the city late Sunday night, Daily Wire reports.

Businesses were looted, multiple windows were smashed and the buildings were set on fire, including a car dealership where a huge number of vehicles were torched. Destruction continued as the windows of multiple businesses were smashed.