Coronavirus Cases Surging Worldwide Prompting New Lockdowns

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Coronavirus cases are climbing worldwide as the rise in daily new infections has prompted some regions to impose a second round of lockdowns. Total global infections near 30 million and deaths are approaching 1 million.

Coronavirus cases around the world are increasing, reflecting a new surge

The number of daily coronavirus infections are rising again worldwide.

On Saturday, the top 10 countries with the highest number of coronavirus cases were as follows: India 94,409, USA 39,282, Brazil 31,880, Argentina 10,776, France 10,561, Columbia 6876, Peru 6162, Mexico 5935, Russia 5488, Philippines 4916. The highest numbers of new deaths: India 1108, Brazil 800, USA 707, Mexico 534, Columbia 216.

On Sunday, the numbers were slightly lower, but still reflected an overall rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to the latest statistics at

The top 10 countries with the highest numbers of new coronavirus cases on Sunday were as follows: India 93,215, USA 31,851, Brazil 14,597, Argentina 9056, Columbia 7355, France 7183, Peru 6787, Mexico 5674 Russia 5449, Indonesia 3636.

The highest number of new deaths: India 1140, Mexico 421, USA 392, Brazil 389, Columbia 190.

An upward trend

The daily cases on July 16, 2020, were 249,953. Roughly a month later, on August 14, 2020, new daily infections were 289,504. Almost a month later, the amount of confirmed daily cases as of September 11 was 310,692.

This reflects a rise in the daily number of cases by 60,000 over 60 days and about 20,000 over 30 days. Keep in mind, these statistics don’t include the spike reported above that was recorded on September 12 and 13.

Surging coronavirus cases prompt lockdowns

A surge of over 4000 daily new infections prompted Israel to impose the country’s second lockdown for at least three weeks in duration.

Israel’s cabinet voted to impose the second nationwide lockdown since the coronavirus pandemic began, Bloomberg reported. The lockdown went into effect on Friday, September 11 and will continue for at least three weeks, the BBC reported.

One Prime Minister resigned in protest over the restrictions that will overlap with important Jewish festivals. Israel has a population of roughly 9 million people and has seen over 150,000 infections and over 1100 total deaths from COVID-19.

Infections in Europe rising, prompting increased restrictions

France is one of several European countries to see a surge in new cases. With over 10,000 cases on Saturday, and 2432 people sent to hospitals, the rise in France occurs as authorities across the continent began to ease lockdown restrictions.

The result was a significant increase in new COVID-19 cases last month, the BBC reported. Authorities have designated 42 regions in the country as “red zones” to signify active circulation of the virus, and thus, more strict restrictions on gathering and mask requirements.

Other European hotspots are Spain, which recorded 10,764 new infections on Thursday, September 10, as well as the Czech Republic. Germany has begun to require testing for Czechs entering the country.