Fauci Predictions Come True as US Breaks Another Daily COVID-19 Record


Dr. Fauci’s prediction came true that the US would hit 100K daily cases if the nation did not take stronger precautions as the US sets all-time record for the second day in a row, as more state officials announce new restrictions.

Dr. Fauci predicted 100K cases a day four months ago: He was right, as US as 2 record-breaking days in a row

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House coronavirus task force and the nation’s top infectious disease expert, warned members of the Senate in June, when cases were hovering around 40,000 per day, that if the United States did not take stronger precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the numbers would climb to over 100,000 per day, ABC reports.

It turns out, Dr. Fauci was correct in his estimate, as the US has seen back to back days of more than 100,000 coronavirus infections on Wednesday and Thursday.

On November 29, the US topped set a new record of over 91,000 new coronavirus infections in a single day. But on Wednesday, November 4, just six days later, that number spiked, setting a new record with 108,389 confirmed new cases of COVID-19 and 1,201 coronavirus-related deaths.

On Thursday, November 5, the US broke its own all-time record again with 118,319 new confirmed coronavirus infections and 1,127 deaths, according to worldometers.info.

Daily average nearing 100 K

The current 7-day average of the number of daily coronavirus infections ending on November 5 is 92,942 and 868.9 daily deaths, according to the COVID tracking project.

US will soon top 10 million cases

As of Friday morning, the US was on track to exceed 10 million confirmed coronavirus cases since the coronavirus pandemic began by the end of day Friday or on Saturday. Over 241,000 Americans have died from the virus.

State officials enact further restrictions as COVID-19 soars and daily records of cases and deaths broken

At least 38 states are seeing climbing infection rates, CNN reports, while only two states – Alabama and Tennessee – are experiencing a decline in cases.

On Thursday, Minnesota saw its highest daily total amid the third day in a row where cases set a new single-day high. Utah also broke its state record.

Three states broke their record high death numbers on Thursday: New Mexico, North Dakota, and Tennessee.

A number of states, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, California, and many others, announced new restrictions.

“It is everywhere, we can’t hide from it, we can’t run from it,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine warned residents of his state during a press conference on Thursday. “The risk of catching this virus in every county is very real. This should scare you–that you have this much spread in your hometown. It has just skyrocketed.”