#BidenLied Trends on Twitter over Promise of $2,000 Stimulus Checks


The hashtag #BidenLied is trending on Twitter as critics are not happy that President Joe Biden has yet to deliver on his campaign promise of getting $2,000 checks to all Americans “out the door immediately to help people”

#BidenLied trends as American still waiting for his promised $2,000 Stimulus Checks

In January, during a campaign speech in Atlanta, then-candidate Joe Biden promised Georgia voters they would be getting $2,000 payments if the Democrats won Senate runoff elections in the state that week, the Daily Wire reported. Biden promised “that money will go out the door immediately to help people who are in real trouble.”

During his speech, Biden referenced the stimulus checks three times, according to Forbes.

During President Biden’s first 10 days in office, the public has watched him sign at least 42 executive orders, while nothing seems to be happening on the checks going “out the door immediately” as promised prior to the election.

Now, the public is calling President Biden out for not delivering on his campaign promise. As a result, #BidenLied is trending on Twitter.

Democratic Party reacts to backlash over stimulus checks

The negative tweeting and hashtag #BidenLied has captured the attention of the Democratic Party, who has issued a tweet in response to the criticism.

On Saturday, the Democratic Party wrote on Twitter: “.@POTUS will build on the $600 down payment provided by Congress last year, sending an additional $1,400 to households across America, totaling direct payments to $2,000 per person.”

However, the public is not happy with that response. They are holding Biden to task for his promise of another check of $2000, not what Democrats are saying now, which is only offering $1400 which builds on the $600 issued by the Trump administration to equal $2000.

#BidenLied hijacked on Twitter by activists

Forbes reported that at some time after the hashtag #BidenLied began trending on Twitter, activists tried to counter the negative complaints about President Biden not delivering on his promised $2,000 stimulus checks, by trying to flood the hashtag with mostly animal pictures.

The goal was to flood the hashtag with meaningless posts so that the original criticisms and complaints would be lost in the clutter. By the results, the takeover by activists have been largely successful on Twitter, but the criticisms originally associated with hashtag have not been lost by conservative media.