Did Michael Jackson Die from AFib?

The media made it seem that Michael Jackson, the king of Pop and a cultural icon, passed due to complications from a cocktail of medications that were given to him by a doctor, which isn’t wrong. But managing AFib is complicated – did Michael have an underlying condition that weakened his system, which ultimately led to his passing?

The answer is probably, yes, but there is a good chance we will never know for sure without seeing Michael’s full medical records. While the collection of medications Michael was on is dangerous, it shouldn’t have threatened his life. Many fans and professionals who have watched the case from the sidelines believe that Michael had a weak heart, potentially from poorly managing AFib for most of his life, and that was what triggered the reaction that ultimately led to his passing.

When a cultural icon and superstar like Michael passes, it touches many fans in a way they didn’t expect. Michael’s passing was incredibly sad for us all, and it’s hard not to think about the music he could have made and the life he could have had.