Police Shooting in Minnesota Leads to Riots, Looting, National Guard Called

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In Minnesota, an unarmed black man was shot and killed attempting to flee after a traffic stop identified him as having an outstanding warrant. Rioting and looting occurred in the aftermath and the National Guard was mobilized.

Shooting of black motorist in Minnesota leads to rioting and looting, National Guard activated

During a stop for a traffic violation on Sunday afternoon in the city of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Daunte Wright, 20, was identified as having an outstanding warrant and allegedly tried to drive away from the police. After driving a short distance, Wright was shot by a Brooklyn Center police officer, crashed his car, and died at the scene, The Hill reported.

The suspect’s mother said that she was on the phone with him when he was getting pulled over and she says that she heard police tell her son, “Daunte, don’t run.” She said that, when she called back, Wright’s girlfriend told her that Daunte had been shot.

National Guard activated after rioting and looting breaks out

In the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Wright in Brooklyn Center, which happened about 10 miles from where George Floyd died, protests turned into rioting and looting.

The crowd of protesters reportedly swelled to about 500 people who threw rocks and other objects at law enforcement, and at least one police officer was transported to the hospital with injuries.

The front door of the Brooklyn Park Police Department was struck by gunfire, shattering the glass, police said in a statement.

Officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas, NBC reported.

Looters targeted several businesses, including the Brooklyn Center Walmart and a nearby shopping mall. According to reports, a number of businesses around the Walmart were completely destroyed, including Foot Locker, T Mobile, and a New York men’s clothing store, the Daily Wire reported. The rioters also vandalized the Brooklyn Center Police Station.

The National Guard was mobilized by the state and arrived shortly before midnight, according to a report by the Star Tribune.

A citywide curfew was issued by Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott until 6 a.m. CT Monday, Fox reported.

Social media posts belonging to Wright identified by fact-finding site

Fact-finding website Heavy.com linked to a Facebook account that they say belonged to Daunte Wright, the Daily Wire reported, posting tweets by Ian Miles Cheong who supplied screenshots allegedly belonging to Wright’s Facebook page. In a variety of screenshots, it appeared to indicate posts including misogynist, degrading remarks about women, jokes about running from the police, jokes about attacking police officers, and a penchant for criminal behavior.

Unconfirmed reports also alleged that Wright may have been a gang member, as some of the social media posts also showed Wright flashing cash and gang signs in a number of photos.