As inflation skyrockets the cost of everything, you probably don’t have to add that extra bump in tips you did amid the pandemic, but certain services still should be tipped. Here are some simple guidelines to follow.

Tipping amid inflation

First of all, you don’t have to tip everyone. That said, there are some services that are considered “must-tip” no matter how much inflation is shrinking your wallet. Some jobs rely heavily on tips, and inflation is impacting them, too.

As previously mentioned, as the thrust of the pandemic has subsided, with the masks off and most things up and running again – you don’t necessarily have to leave those larger-than-average tips people were giving service workers who were risking their health to serve others – but you still need to tip at standard amounts, according to CNBC.

Here are some guidelines for who, what, and how much to tip.

Food and drink tipping

Food service workers, waiters, servers, bartenders, and food delivery service workers are all still considered must-tip. However, the amount varies. Here is a general guideline, according to the Emily Post Institute.

Restaurant servers: 15-20% pretax.

Food delivery service: 10-20%.

Bartenders: $1-$2 per drink. If you run a tab, the tip should be like your food bill: 20%.

Travel & accommodation tipping:

Skycap: $2 first bag, $1 additional bag.

Bellhop: $2 first bag, $1 additional bag.

Hotel valet: $2-$5.

Hotel concierge: $5-$10.

Hotel housekeeping: $2-$5 per day.

Restroom attendant: $0.50-$3.

Valet: A few dollars.

Lyft or Uber driver: 15%-20% (10% if service is mediocre).

Taxi driver: 15%-20% of fare (minimum $1).

Other services

Cosmetologists, nail technicians, & spa services: 10%-20%.

Tipping movers

Tipping movers has a different scale, depending on the size of the move, according to For a small move, tip 5%-10% of the total cost. For a large move, tip 15%-20% of the total cost. The movers will split the tip. Still, those percentages could be quite high on a move of $10,000 or higher. If that’s the case, another guideline may be $20 per person for a half a day move or less (4 hours labor or less) or $40 per person for a full-day move (8 hours labor), and $50-$60 per person for 12 hours or more.

Optional tips

Here is a list of services where tips and the amount are optional.

Baristas: $0-$1. According to Emily Post, it’s not necessary to tip for coffee, but leaving your change up to a dollar is up to you.

Tipping jars: Optional.

Who to never tip

Due to the salaries or costs of these services, which are likely pricey, tips are unnecessary.

Doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, mechanics, and plumbers.