‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Touts Silver as the Best-Value Investment


Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad author and personal finance expert, is touting silver as the best-value investment in today’s market while predicting a historic crash in recent tweets.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author touts silver as the best-value investment

Personal finance expert Robert Kiyosaki, who rose to fame with his 1997 book Rich Dad Poor Dad, is encouraging people to invest in silver.

In a series of recent tweets, Kiyosaki said he expects a historic crash in prices in the bond market, as well as a massive crash in other assets, Business Insider reported.

Silver best bargain today

“For $25 everyone can buy a silver coin,” Kiyosaki tweeted. “Silver is an industrial precious metal. Gold is not.”

The author pointed out that the reason he is bullish on silver is because of its low price, as well as its commercial uses.

“Silver best bargain today,” Kiyosaki stated. He also pointed out another of silver’s strengths as an investment.

“I buy silver because it is liquid & can be spent without government tracking,” Kiyosaki revealed, stating he had purchased 2,500 American Silver Eagles.

Touts silver over dollar

Kiyosaki said that he values silver over the US dollar, remarking that the value of America’s currency is “fake as hell.” As more and more dollars are printed, Kiyosaki expects the value of the dollar to plummet further.

Bubble to burst: pay attention to bonds, not stocks

Kiyosaki said investors should be worried less about a decline in stocks and more concerned about a collapse in bond prices, as they could spur a wider slump in asset prices.

“Bond market 40 times larger than stock market,” Kiyosaki wrote. “Please pay attention to bonds, not stocks. Major crash to come.”

Kiyosaki further warned of the bubble on US markets he predicts is soon to burst, as he pointed to the soaring prices of stocks, real estate, oil, and other commodities while raising the prospect of hyperinflation and a depression.

“BIGGEST BUBBLE in world history,” Kiyosaki noted. “EVERYTHING BUBBLE turning into EVERYTHING BUST.”

Investors can capitalize on the crash

As big investors know, a bear market can mean great opportunity, and Kiyosaki predicts that the crash he envisions will bring just that.

“Do not miss the GREATEST SALE on EARTH,” Kiyosaki tweeted.

Hedging against inflation

The “Rich dad” author and businessman also encouraged everyone to protect themselves against a potential coming food shortage and actions to hedge against the cost of daily living.

“You can’t eat gold, silver, or bitcoin,” Kiyosaki said. He advised consumers to stock up on everyday goods such as toilet paper, trash bags, canned goods, and frozen foods to pay less now ahead of further price increases.