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Too Soon: Experts Warn That Rushing to Restart the Economy Could Be Catastrophic


Here are the states that have loosened or lifted stay-at-home orders as of April 28:

  • Alaska: Salons and restaurants are open, with restrictions
  • Colorado: Certain retail and service businesses are open, with restrictions
  • Florida: Some local beaches are open
  • Georgia: All businesses except bars, nightclubs, and music venues are now open
  • Idaho: Businesses that offer curbside or drive-thru services can open
  • Kentucky: Non-emergency healthcare visits are permitted
  • Louisiana: Curbside and delivery services are open, all employees must wear masks
  • Michigan: Garden centers and landscaping companies are open, people can go golfing or hiking in state parks
  • Minnesota: Industrial, manufacturing, and office workplaces can reopen with stringent safety guidelines
  • Mississippi: Curbside and drive-thru retail businesses can open
  • Montana: Retail businesses can open, with restrictions
  • North Dakota: Only closed some non-essential businesses, no stay-at-home order in place
  • Oklahoma: Personal care businesses can open for appointments
  • South Carolina: Retail stores are open with restrictions; beaches can open as well
  • South Dakota: No stay-at-home order has been issued
  • Tennessee: Restaurants can open, as well as some state parks
  • Vermont: Some industries may return to work with restrictions
  • Wyoming: No stay-at-home order has been issued