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Brewers Belly

Syndrome Causes Man to Get Drunk without Drinking

Getting drunk without drinking? That's what happened to a 27-year-old patient in China who was showing signs of steatohepatitis, a liver disease. Steatohepatitis is...
vape ban

Trump Admin to Ban Flavored E-Cigs Amid Vaping Crisis

Flavored e-cigarettes will be banned if the Trump administration has anything to say about it. The ban comes amid an uptick in reporting of...
Shutterstock meat good for your heart feat

Eating Meat Reduces Stroke Risk? New Study Says Yes

Sorry vegans and vegetarians, a new study shows that meat-eaters may have a lower risk of stroke than their herbivore counterparts. It’s been long...
Johnson and Johnson opioid crisis

Johnson & Johnson Fined $572 Mil for Opioid Epidemic

"False, misleading and dangerous marketing campaigns" were used to help push sales of opioids by Johnson & Johnson, according to a ruling from Judge...
Shutterstock Planned Parenthood defunded feat

Planned Parenthood ‘Defunded’ After Rejecting New Guidelines

Planned Parenthood will no longer be accepting over $200 million in federal funding after new rules for receiving the grant states that they cannot...
Adobe Stock mans lung collapses karaoke session feat

Man’s Lungs Collapses After Singing High Notes During Karaoke

Thinking about spending some time at a karaoke bar soon? Be careful! One man in China paid the price for hitting all of those...
woman suffers horrific reaction to hair dye

Woman Has Horrific Reaction After Using Hair Dye, Goes Blind

This woman says that she will never dye her hair again after an allergic reaction left her in pain and temporarily blind. Steph O'Dell, 24,...
107 woman secret to long life

Woman, 107, Says Never Getting Married is Secret to Long Life

The secret to a long life might be as simple as not tying the knot, according to one woman. Born in 1912 in Harlem, Louise...

Trump Hid Fact that 500,000 Kids Could Lose Free School Lunches

Under a new rule proposed by the Trump Administration, 500,000 children are at risk of losing free school lunches. The biggest concern is that...
men cause women to lose sleep feat

Women Lose 3 Hours of Sleep Each Night Thanks to Men

In a recent survey that will surprise literally no one, experts discovered that women are getting even less sleep than their male partners. The survey...

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