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Rueters via BusinessInsider Trump tax records reveal fraud feat

Trump Tax Records Revealed, Bad News for the President

Newly uncovered documents reveal some of the reasons why the President and his legal team may be fighting so hard to keep his tax...
Bernie Sanders endorsed by AOC and Ilhan Omar

AOC, Omar and Tlaib ALL Endorse Bernie Sanders in Stunning Move

Bernie Sanders gained endorsements from fellow Democrats and "Squad" members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been one...
Saul Loeb AFP Getty via CNBC Planned Parenthood anti Trump campaign feat

Planned Parenthood Announces Anti-Trump Campaign

An Anti-Trump campaign has been announced by Planned Parenthood, the health care organization that has come under attack by Republicans this year. After losing millions...
Shutterstock Lindsey Graham insults Trump with Obama burn feat

Lindsey Graham Insults Trump with Obama Burn

Graham used Obama to insult Trump this week after the announcement that the US would pull troops from Syria, leaving an opening in which...
Newsweek via Getty Betsey DeVos facing jail contempt of court feat

Betsy DeVos Facing Jail, Violated Court Order, Now in Contempt

A federal judge has ruled that US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has violated a court order.  It was regarding repayment of student loans...
Shutterstock Trump calls for impeachment of Pelosi and Schiff feat

Trump Calls for Impeachment of Pelosi, Schiff

In a rage-filled tweet sent out on Sunday by President Donald Trump, he accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff of “high...
Getty Images via Teen Vogue Trump rips into Greta Thunberg feat

Trump Rips Greta Thunberg in Early Morning Tweet

A new attack against Greta Thunberg has come from President Donald Trump this morning, who has spent a lot of time on Twitter to...
Dailymail via AP Impeachment is too good for Trump feat

‘Impeachment is Too Good!’ for Donald Trump

Solitary confinement has been suggested for President Donald Trump as a better alternative than impeachment by Democratic California Rep Maxine Waters. In a tweet this...
Shutterstock Trump posts sad saddest tweet ever feat

Trump’s Twitter Suspended, Why Kamala Harris Wants This to Happen

On Monday, Kamala Harris said that she believes that Donald Trump’s twitter account poses a risk for the whistleblower. He has already suggested that his...
Shutterstock Pence tried to stop Trump advised against memo release feat

Pence Tried to Stop Trump, Advised Against Memo

Vice President Mike Pence knew what to do long before the rest of the White House seemed to. Reports indicate that the Republican from Indiana...

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