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Metro Goldwyn Mayer the Wizard of Oz

Kamala Harris Calls Trump Wizard of Oz Insult During Debate

In an odd attack, Kamala Harris made a strange comparison of President Donald Trump to 'The Man Behind The Curtain' – the Wizard of...
Shutterstock NC repubs use 911 to hoodwink dems feat

NC GOP Uses Dirty 9/11 Trick to Override Dem Budget Veto

Using calculated trickery, Republicans purposefully misled Democrats this week in order to further their own agenda. While many Democratic representatives in the North Carolina House...
Epstein Featured Image

Epstein’s Final Photos Revealed

The last ever images of Jeffrey Epstein taken before he allegedly killed himself have surfaced. The mugshots show the multimillionaire pedophile and alleged sex...
Trump Bahamas

Bahamas Full of “Drug Dealers” Says Trump

Trump refused to allow Bahamas survivors to enter the country by boat over the weekend after Dorian wrought devastation on the islands. Then, in classic...
Shutterstock Trump dumping Pence feat

Trump Dumping Pence? Yes, if Ivanka and Kushner Get Their Way

Could Pence be out the door? That’s the current rumor cycling around the White House after Trump has repeatedly asked aides what they “think”...
Shutterstock gender no longer required on birth certificates feat

Gender No Longer Required on Birth Certificates in Parts of Australia

In a surprising move, stating a baby’s gender is no longer required in parts of Australia, starting today. And the new law doesn’t just...
Twitter RyanBreton Trump uses illegal map hurricane dorian alabama feat

Trump Denies Using Sharpie to Alter Hurricane Dorian Map

Using a doctored National Weather Service forecast is illegal under federal law, but that doesn’t appear to bother President Trump in the slightest. On Wednesday,...
Shutterstock Trump funding border wall feat

Trump Removes Funding from 127 Projects to Pay for Wall

127 projects are having their funding removed or suspended in order to increase funding for President Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border. This...
trum goes golfing before hurricane dorian

Trump Goes Golfing as Hurricane Dorian Emergency Efforts are Underway

As Hurricane Dorian spent the holiday weekend pummeling the Bahamas and threatening US coastlines, President Trump spent the weekend golfing at the Trump National...
Wikipedia Epstein broken camera feat

Epstein: 2 Broken Cameras Found Outside of Cell

The FBI is investigating two cameras that were outside of Jeffery Epstein’s jail cell after at least one was reported as “malfunctioning”, with any...

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