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Economic Times snow crab sells for 46k at auction world record feat

Snow Crab Sells for 46k, Sets New World Record

How much would you be willing to pay for a snow crab? If it’s less than $46,000, you’d be losing at a recent auction...
Independent via VCG Getty Images china cafe paints dogs to look like panda bears feat

China Café Paints Dogs to Look Like Pandas, Faces Backlash

Although the ‘panda dogs’ might look cute, this Chinese pet café is facing serious backlash after they have dyed at least six pups to...
Shutterstock chinese ufo helicopter feat

China Builds Real UFO with Shocking Attack Features

A real-life flying saucer has been built by China, and it is going to put to shame all of that alien technology that has...
Lefteris Pitarakis Associated Press via NYTimes Syria death toll rises Turkey attack feat

Syria Death Toll Climbs as Turkey Continues Attack

180 targets have been hit by Turkey so far in their invasion of Syria. Now entering day 2 of attacks on the country directly...
Epstein Featured Image

Epstein’s Final Photos Revealed

The last ever images of Jeffrey Epstein taken before he allegedly killed himself have surfaced. The mugshots show the multimillionaire pedophile and alleged sex...
Trump Bahamas

Bahamas Full of “Drug Dealers” Says Trump

Trump refused to allow Bahamas survivors to enter the country by boat over the weekend after Dorian wrought devastation on the islands. Then, in classic...
Trump refusal causes Bahamas Evacuees to become stranded feat

Trump Refusal Causes Bahamas Evacuees to Become Stranded

Bahamas evacuees were stranded when President Donald Trump’s administration turned away around 150 evacuees from Hurricane Dorian. A humanitarian cruise ship carrying around 1,500 evacuees...
Shutterstock gender no longer required on birth certificates feat

Gender No Longer Required on Birth Certificates in Parts of Australia

In a surprising move, stating a baby’s gender is no longer required in parts of Australia, starting today. And the new law doesn’t just...
Dorian Eye

“Monster Eye” of Hurricane Dorian Revealed in NASA Photo

A horrifying photo was captured by NASA scientist and astronaut, Nick Hague. From his lofty perch above the Earth in the International Space Station,...
Ramon Espinosa Associated Press via NYTimes how to help Hurricane Dorian survivors feat

Hurricane Dorian: How You Can Help the Survivors

If you want to help those who have lost everything due to Hurricane Dorian, keep reading. When Dorian hit the Bahamas, it was a...

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